Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Silly Mia


bonnie said...

Mia at her finest. What an awesome typical toddler photo: Shorts on her head, one shoe off, and a huge grin ( this one is my favorite). The King gals are an incredible, beautiful, and talented trio! Love, Bonnie

bonnie said...

Dearest Mia,
Yesterday I experienced the pure joy of pulling you and your sister Emma in the red wagon you so love around your neighborhood.. The faster we went the louder you laughed. I love to hear you laugh. It is truly contagious. You got so excited when Emma pointed out a rainbow to you. Your little face just lit up. You are such a much loved child. As I listened to you ooh and ahh over various outdoor wonders (excluding the neighbors dog!), I realized that it seems as if you have always been with your forever family. Like your two sisters, it is such a blessing to know and love you. Miz Bonnie